The “Let’s Take Part” Artworks Gallery Spring show opening will be April 12.  Please join us for a reception from 5:30 to 7 p.m.  Each year the gallery welcomes the return of regular hours with a themed show. This year artists will receive a section of an enlarged  photograph taken by member Tom Alnes. The artists will paint their interpretation of the section they received in a larger size. All the pieces will be assembled to reveal the total picture. This year artists did not see the whole photograph, only the section they received. The total reveal at the opening will add to the fun.

At the opening, we will welcome spring with the sale of decorated clay pots. Each pot will come with potting soil and a choice of seeds to plant. If you would like to decorate a pot, stop in and pick one up. Thanks to Joanne Mitchell for the donation of the pots and saucers.

Thanks for sending in your 2019 memberships. We appreciate your support. If you have not joined yet, don’t forget us.

​​Visit the gallery to view art on exhibit and gifts for sale​

 Monday-Friday, 10-4 and Saturday, 10-1  ​ 315-257-0201

The Art Works Gallery displays and sells original art, photography, hand-crafted jewelry, as well as knit and fabric goods. All products are by local artists and craftspeople.

The Seneca County Arts Council (SCAC) supports the arts through an annual college scholarship and offers a wide variety of classes and workshops.